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ver(a)rt gallery

ver(a)rt gallery
3rd and Warren. N of Key Arena
Tuesday, December 14th from 6 to 8 PM. Performance at 7.

Please join us for the opening of A Poem Is Nothing, an irreducible poet show. Reacting to Laura Riding Jackson's endless returns to nothing as an ethic and an engine on the virge of, and wholeheartedly opposed to, social reality. For Jackson, nothing was the poem, opposed entirely to music and art, exploding out of an unreal self, unmaking the tools and words it finds along the way, only to be realized, regrettably, by tenacious acts of criticism.
With this in mind, 4 poets were asked to show work to spatialize such a poetry of or from nothing.

The show will feature performances by James Yeary, Nico Vassilakis, and a Gaburo Ensemble from Olympia (performing Lingua II: Maledetto; performers include David Wolach, Arun Chandra, and Elizabeth Williamson)

The show features works by

Bethany Ides (NY)

Urban Subjects: Jeff Derksen, Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber (Vancouver)

Donato Mancini (Vancouver)

Nico Vassilakis (Seattle)


An online zine run by Will Owen at Pilot Books, SEATTLE


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The Tibetan Stroboscope

d.a. levy:
The Tibetan Stroboscope,

instructions for light

Crystal Curry:
Two Poems, Moria
Five Poems, Action Yes

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Raindance Interview with Mick Jones

Arlene Ang

Arlene Ang:
Blood Orange Review