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The Stamp Collector's Wife

Grace Chua: The Stamp Collector's Wife,
firstfruits publications

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Invisible Cage

Hal Sirowitz:
Two Poems,
Used Forniture Review

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Behind the Scenes

Daniel Gallik:
Akron Has Less Men Than Women,
Apparatus Magazine
Behind the Scenes,

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2011, 5" x 8", 56 pgs, Full Color.
ISBN 1-936687-03-8 | EAN-13978-1-936687-03-9

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from the book:

How do our retinal experiences alter what we think we know about alphabet? From minimal to maximal, the alphabet is explored and expanded on. From the contextual aggregates and combinations of letters to the visual elements that form a single letter. The visual poetry of alphabet insists that writing is the drawing of what and how we think, and within that writing, images accrue, the letters themselves, drawn, or otherwise printed, are illustrating or reproducing our thought.

Nico Vassilakis works with text and visual alphabet. Nico, with Crag Hill, edited the forthcoming The Last Vispo: Visual Poetry Anthology 1998-2008. He has published several books, including West of Dodge (redfoxpress, 2009), Protracted Type (blue lion books, 2008), Text Loses Time(Manypenny press, 2008), Disparate Magnets (BlazeVOX, 2009) and DIPTYCHS (Otolith, 2008). Nico lives in Seattle with the poet Crystal Curry and their kids..

staring poetics:

The Good Anarchist

Yakking Points

Mark Yakich:
Yakking Points,
Boston Review

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saturday morning pick-up

Puma Perl:
Two Poems,
Clockwise Cat

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Text Festival, Bury Art Gallery, UK