Monday, July 01, 2013

Moments Notice

MOMENTS NOTICE, a visual poem
by Nico Vassilakis
76 pages
Full color
Luna Bisone Prods., 2013
Purchase/Peruse: here
Vassilakis has taken a huge leap forward in the evolution of concrete poetry, by utilizing the myriad possibilities of digital manipulation of typography.  The result is work of stunning beauty, color, design, concept, with a visuality that makes his ideas and poetics vivid and endlessly intriguing.
John M. Bennett
Is it feasible for visual poetry to be positively erudite? In the words (or word) of one of the not-quite-texts here, Moments Notice presents the argument for YES.  
Ron Silliman
Moments notice us at a moment’s notice, lying in wait for us, in this space-time lingo-jaunt. When humans (hypothetically) fall into a black hole, the first thing their bodies undergo is “spagghettification.” One could say that when human language falls into Nico Vassilakis’s clutches, it undergoes a similar process. But instead of annhihilation, there is plenitude.  Visually festive, this malleable skein of tangled spagghettiyarn’d verbiage bounces and twists its way through text/image after text/image, singing as it goes. Join in for a rollicking time, but hold on to your hat!
Maria Damon
The Tongue knows language never spoken never revealed in the spaces between letters between the multiple readings of discourse gone blissful. The Tongue ties typography graphic in the handheld device of your choice, thumbed at, thumbed into endless arrays pleasured from the keyboard of all possibilities.
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